NESA Building Capacity Services

On 1 July 2013 the Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP) was introduced across RJCP to provide a more integrated, flexible and responsive program to help break down the barriers to employment and participation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous people in remote Australia.

To support the introduction of RJCP across 60 of Australia’s most remote regions, NESA was engaged to deliver Building Capacity Support to all RJCP providers nationally. To achieve this NESA has been working alongside the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and all RJCP Providers to identify their organisational capacity issues in terms of delivering RJCP Services.

The requests for RJCP Building Capacity have been quite diverse and in response to this NESA has developed an internal supply chain of industry experts who are able to work alongside RJCP Providers to enhance and improve their operational capacity and delivery.

NESA has successfully delivered over 70 individual Building Capacity programs across RJCP. The issues expressed by providers are quite diverse and broad solutions are required to successfully support all RJCP providers. Below is an outline of NESA’s Building Capacity Support Program and the different business areas we can address.

Business Process Review

NESA is able to complete an examination of your organisation’s workflow to determine inefficiencies, process breakdown or bottlenecks as well as recommend the necessary adjustments to improve service delivery and overall efficiencies. NESA is able to work alongside providers to develop and revise internal process maps to ensure both efficiencies and structure are achieved.

Organisational Assessment

NESA is able to complete a comprehensive organisational assessment that addresses organisational processes and work environment. The Organisational Assessment addresses key concepts including strategic plans, mission statements, goals and objectives and internal documents including position descriptions, organisational charts and operating procedures. At the completion of the organisational assessment a written report is compiled detailing key recommendations that will enhance the effectiveness of the organisation as well as a suggested implementation plan

Financial Management & Analysis

NESA is able to assist you to build a financial model specific to your organisational requirements. We are able to review existing models while testing the integrity of proposed models and underlying assumptions. Through this process we will work with providers to understand their business, complete an analytical review, complete a model construction review, test assumptions, identify potential efficiencies and verify review

Service Delivery Model Review

NESA is able to work alongside providers to evaluate their SDM to determine effectiveness, compliance and efficiencies. As part of the SDM review we can evaluate integration of contracted services, underpinning staffing profile and financial modelling. At completion of the review a written report will be provided to the organisation detailing observations, good practice, recommendations for enhancement and an overall risk profile.

Governance Structure & Development

NESA is able to assist organisations to review the effectiveness of their governance structure. In support of this review we are able to assess skill profiles, recommend training plans and schedules, implement structured training programs, review the internal reporting processes and the operational process leading into reporting to the Board.

Risk Management

All providers of employment services contracts need to adhere to extensive compliance requirements outlined in their current Funding Agreements. NESA is able to complete a compliance assessment in line with the relevant Funding Agreement to complete an organisational risk profile and mitigating strategies report. Our Compliance Assessment can be targeted to focus on an individual process within an organisation (e.g. outcome claims) or an overarching assessment on the organisation’s compliance to their current Funding Agreement.

Partnership & Sub-Contract Management

NESA is able to work with lead agencies to enhance, evaluate or negotiate third party relationships. NESA is experienced in facilitating discussions between lead providers and their associated sub-contractors to establish or address any performance expectations. We have extensive experience in service delivery review, role definition and mediation practices.

Project Management

NESA has an extensive team of industry experts that can be engaged to project manage complex projects within an operational environment. Our Project Managers have a diverse backgrounds and can complete a number of different functions including business modelling, environmental assessment, organisational redesign, compliance assessment, leadership and development, information technology, business growth and financial modelling and assumptions.

Community Engagement

NESA has extensive experience in community engagement in terms of developing strategic relationships in the delivery of operational services. NESA is able to complete environmental assessments, develop community networks, coordinate community forums and facilitate operational partnerships.

Quality Assurance

NESA has extensive experience in assisting providers to work towards and to obtain their quality accreditation. NESA has a team of industry experts who have proven experience with quality assurance who are capable of guiding organisations through this process.