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Case Management

The Case Management Element consists of a Guide for RJCP Provider with a practical set of resources to help them deliver quality, integrated case management services to RJCP participants to help them gain employment and participate in the development of communities in which they live.

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Employer Engagement

The Employer Engagement Element will provide the framework of how the RJCP provider will engage with employers in the RJCP region and other regions.

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Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Element will guide the Provider and the local communities to determine how they will support and promote RJCP participation in a region.  Additionally, it will allow strategies to be developed to assist in overcoming social, cultural and geographical issues unique to the region that may impact on RJCP participation.

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Remote Youth Leadership and Development Corps

The Remote Youth Leadership and Development Corps Element provides an overview of the sub element detailing participation requirements, stakeholder management, the selection and participation process, eligibility and the core requirements of Remote Youth Leadership and Development Corps. In addition the element also contain a number of practical tool in the overall delivery of Remote Youth Leadership and Development Corps.

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Building Capacity

The Building Capacity Element will assist RJCP Providers to review every aspect of their operations, looking critically at human capital, infrastructure, Intellectual Property, finances and the current capabilities of these elements and how they are placed to support required outcomes.  It will enable RJCP providers to identify development opportunities and required strategies / plans to improve capacity.

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Complex Needs

The Complex Needs Element focuses on assisting Employment Consultants to understand the types of limitations, or barriers, a Jobseeker with a disability injury or medical condition may face and how to provide a program of assistance that successfully prepares the Jobseeker for work, builds work capability and independence and provides the supports necessary to maintain a Jobseeker with a disability in work.

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The Governance Element provides a  guide for people who are currently board members or thinking of becoming a board member of a community organisation; particularly a Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP) Provider. The guide explains the responsibilities of board members of community organisations.

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