WA CEO State Forum



The WA CEO State Forum was held on 1 and 2 October 2014 in Perth. The theme of the Forum was Building a Resilient RJCP Organisation and RJCP CEOs, board members, and senior staff attended from across WA.

The program consisted of a range of speakers and sessions all providing a different insight into the challenges faced by providers in order to create robust, adaptable service providers. Attendees focused on issues related to corporate governance and business planning, to effective strategies for community and employer engagement.

Tools for reviewing internal business practices such as leading RJCP teams to success, and approaches for managing complex issues like participation account management and activity management were also provided.

The workshop also offered an opportunity for providers to network, share achievements, learnings and other experiences since the launch of RJCP 15 months ago.

Two workshop sessions were conducted, each devoted to looking at the challenges in developing businesses in remote locations, either as social enterprises or commercial ventures.

Rounding out the agenda were sessions held by the WA Department of Housing on the rollout of housing initiatives across the State, and from the Department of Employment outlining research findings and the drivers powering the WA labour market.

Conference materials are available here:

Building A Resilient Organisation 

Community Engagement Strategies for RJCP 

Delivering RJCP Through Effective Business Planning 

Housing Initiatives in the Kimberley

How to Target, Plan and Deliver Activities in your Region

Leading Your Team Successfully to Deliver RJCP

Managing Change within your Organisation

Powering the WA Labour Market

RJCP National Update

RSAS Update

Utilising the Participation Account within your Organisation

Workshop 1 – Identifying Indigenous Business Opportunities

Workshop 2 – Social Enterprise and Development

Good Governance For RJCP Organisations


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