NESA has been working behind the scene in response to feedback from RJCP Providers in terms of the design and content of their NESA RJCP Meeting Place. In response to feedback from RJCP Providers we would like to introduce our refreshed and updated NESA RJCP Meeting Place. New features of the website include:

  • Introduction of resource documents detailing key elements of the RJCP Contract
  • Overview of the NESA Building Capacity Program & services provided
  • Introduction of a communication hub detailing:
    • RJCP Provider News – opportunity for providers to promote good news stories across their region
    • RJCP Industry News – overview of latest news stories across the industry
    • Announcements – NESA updates
  • Photo Gallery – images captured throughout the delivery of Building Capacity support across the different RJCP Regions
  • Operational Tools – we have built in a tracking system to guide providers on our most popular tools

NESA is committed to supporting providers in the delivery of RJCP Services so please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions on further tools we could develop or if you have any further suggestions as to how we can enhance the NESA RJCP Meeting Place.

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