Good News Story - Mens Sheds


Region 46 – Central West – QLD

Men’s Sheds

At Blackall, Longreach and Birdsville, Regional Employment Services Queensland (RESQ) has been supporting the Men’s Sheds where community volunteers are teaching Indigenous jobseekers a range of skills that will help them gain employment:

  • Blackall a leather craft tutor has started jobseekers off on basic plaiting and leather work skills to a stage where they are now plaiting whips. These leather craft goods will be sold at local markets once they have built up adequate stock to sell.
  • Birdsville a retired Indigenous stockman is employed as a tutor to teach leather work skills to local jobseekers which will help establish a cottage craft industry for the thousands of tourists who visit Birdsville each year.
  • Longreach  RESQ are working with an Indigenous Men’s Shed to address health issues as well as supporting training opportunities in welding and other building skills.

The transition in confidence and self-esteem of those jobseekers who are part of these programs is obvious, especially at Blackall where they have undertaken a number of activities. Birdsville and Longreach are in the early stages of building these programs.


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