Good News Story - HORIZON Program Pilot


8 job seekers in Goodooga and 11 job seekers in Bourke have taken part in the Horizon Program Pilot.

The Horizon Program has been in development for 3 years. The last 2 years have seen MPREC form a strong and rewarding partnership with Professor Ian Shochet and his team at the Queensland University of Technology.

The Horizon Program is a Resilience based intervention and is aimed at and has been designed for Aboriginal job seekers. It is a strength based resilience building approach. The program has been developed and MPREC believes it has important features. These include:

  • It’s consistent with Indigenous perspectives on Mental Health
  • It recognises the capacity for resilience in the face of great stress and trauma
  • It highlights the exploration of factors that promote health (particularly Mental health)
  • It is designed to increase reach and provide intervention to underserviced and vulnerable communities
  • It helps to avoid the negative effects of stigma and disempowerment

Following consultation and feedback there were two (2) pilot sites identified, Goodooga and Bourke in Western NSW. The first pilot has been conducted with the second currently underway in Bourke. Data is being collected, however from anecdotal feedback it appears to have been enthusiastically received by the community.

Content and delivery style are being assessed with the final report and initial program due in early 2014.

This is a long term investment by MPREC and the QUT and due to its ground-breaking approach this considered, researched, culturally appropriate and thoughtful program will have wide application over the coming years in indigenous communities across Australia.

For more information on the Horizon Program contact Nick Power (02) 6841 0111

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