Welcome to the NESA RJCP Meeting Place,
a Place for Providers
The NESA RJCP Meeting Place website has been established as a central knowledge base for RJCP Providers
In supporting providers the NESA RJCP Meeting Place will provide the latest news on policy updates, provision of operational and capacity building tools, access to comprehensive reference materials, as well as an overview of all RJCP Providers nationally.
The NESA RJCP Meeting Place will enable providers to share with each other the individual successes they achieve in engaging their communities and empowering their job seekers
As referenced in the title the NESA RJCP Meeting Place Website has been designed to promote support, collaboration and achievement across all RJCP Providers

Important Message

If you require assistance with a Username and Password please do not hesitate to contact ourĀ RJCP Helpdesk on (02) 9119 3092